Inksane Tattoo Parlour

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Before you book:

*make sure you know what you want , decide on a subject of your tattoo or tell us what you want it to represent , based on that artist can visualise symbolism behind what you are trying to express

* decide on a style you like, here internet comes in handy research tattoo styles, plenty to choose from from realism, through watercolour, to dot work there is many styles out there

*decide on a placement on your body

*be open to ideas, artists work on loads of ideas every day, a little brainstorming goes a long way

*understand tattoo prices, artist puts a lot of work in to your design before even tattoo itself. Designing requires series brain work and time to draw, plus providing you with a safe procedure environment costs a lot:). Remember we are working on skin which requires focus and precision and trust me not everyone could do this job. You are paying for something you will keep for life, forever , and something that will make you feel good every time you look at it.

* yep deposit is always required. Its not a big deal and you will get it back on your appointment day.

There is two different ways of booking your appointment.

1. In person - you can come in to the studio and book in person with the deposit. This option allows  you to meet the artist in person, and do some brainstorming together

2. Via email. You can book in your design and appointment without having to physically be in the shop :) sounds so spiritual don't it. You can contact us with the request of email consultation via our ''contact us'' page. The artist will contact you as soon as it is possible to talk some more about what you want. You can now pay your deposit via our websites home page prior to arranging the date with the artist. This is important , you have to agree on a date with the artist first. Space will be held for you for 24 hours which gives you time to pay the deposit.

Ways to pay:

1.Cash in person

2. Paypal (via our paypal button)

3. Credit\Debit card (via our paypal button) you are not required to have paypal account with this payment.