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We only use the highest quality equipment. Our supplies like inks, needles, sterilizing products, consumable products are produced by professionals for professionals only. Our main supplier is Barber Dts Tattoo Supplies @, these guys only sell to licensed professional tattoo artists and this way you can be sure that equipment and pigments used on your skin come from reputable place and not ebay!! Now you can be absolutely and 100% sure you are safe in our hands!

Barber Dts is one of the UK leading suppliers and one of the biggest with fantastic reputation in the industry. Please feel free to visit their website.

Eve has been asked to review one of the products for the company and here's what she said you can find the review on Barber dts sites:

Barber dts has been my loyal companion for the past 4 years. In my journey as an artist I have tried different suppliers and must say that Barber Dts is still the only place I get my needle supply from. Barber produces their own brand of needles and it is a privilege to work using them.

Needles loose sharpness throughout the tattoo which not noticed can damage clients skin easily. Perfectly designed Barber needles last longer than most I have used. My by far favorites are tight liners. Liners by Barber Dts have most accurate grouping which while working produces nice crisp lines, those are soldered with care and accuracy. Long taper allows grater control over my needle. In my work tight liners are the best for detail, however If you like to build up your line thickness rather than power line this needle will give you extreme control over your outline. It is fantastic for portrait work where precision is everything I personally use it for detail in the eyes, nose, lips and small highlights. I have not yet come across a liner needle that would serve me as well as those made by Barber Dts.

As well as the liners I love also Barbers Magnums. Designed to perfection, soldered parallel with needle point split ( one up one down ) which allows to hold the ink better. If you look closely you will notice every point perfectly sharp, and perfectly separated. Now this needle is versatile. I use it for every type of work I do. It is great for light shading as well as solid color! Tough as nails, yet can be delicate too.

Both liners and shaders come in variety of sizes, all individually blister packed and pre sterilized always delivered in ideal condition. These guys really take care of preparation and production process.

I have had a pleasure of meeting part of the team on various tattoo events, always friendly always helpful and always with a big smile on their faces. Looking at such happy working team you can be sure they love what they do and when you love what you do the end result is always great!! We all support each other, artists and suppliers and in this industry you want to go with people who put in as much work in to their products as you do in to your tattooing.

I’m Auntie Eve @ Inksane London and it was a pleasure reviewing this product.