It is important to know that all treatments require face to face consultation in the studio. All consultations are pre arranged please send us a submission through our CONTACT US button if you would like to book in. 


Creating well balanced and perfectly positioned eyebrows will harmonise the whole face, emphasize the eye colour, correct any asymmetry and give an instant lift to the eye area. Two main methods being used are:

HAIR BY HAIR technique - INDIVIDUAL HAIR STROKES mimicking the natural look of the eyebrow hair.

FINE MIST or BLOCK OF COLOUR  - imitating conventional make up applied using pencil.  


A FINE MIST OF COLOUR  placed in between lashes ( on upper and/or lower lid ) will add a definition and compliment the eye colour with no apparent eye liner above the lash line.

FINE LINER ( both upper and lower lid ) might change the eye shape, optically enlarge it and this way impact the looks of the entire face.

 MEDIUM THICKNESS or THICK EYE LINER is an ideal option for more defined look.


LIP BLUSH brings a flash of colour back to pale lips. It is the ideal procedure for clients that are loosing their natural lip colour and border definition.

FULL LIP COLOUR is the procedure that will create or bring the finishing back, correct unevenness, give a hint of colour or give an impression of fuller lips, which has a rejuvenating effect on the looks. It allows for the " lipstick on" effect but with no smudging or need to re-apply.

LIP LINER - treatment ( with or without shading) offers volume and symmetry. 


This is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. While similar to traditional tattooing, it is unique in a variety of ways. It involves the use of highly specialised equipment and techniques to inject pigment into the scalp and it is n extremely intricate procedure with a guaranteed result. Price will differ from one individual to another. 


Treatment is typically completed across two/three sessions. Consultation is always required in order to decide which style and technique is best for you. We then create a treatment plan, mapping out what is required to reach your goal and get the results you desire. 


Creating an underlying effect, which imitates the appearance of a natural, full head of hair. If you can see scalp, we cover this up to allow full and healthy look. It is perfect top cover thinning on the top or across the crown section of your head, as well as temple and above ear areas. 


This is an undetectable way to add definition to ones beard, eyebrows, or discreetly define the eyes. We achieve very natural results by employing hair follicle simulation technique, that allows a gradual and controlled addition of colour and density by implanting layers of pigment carefully chosen to match the natural coloration. 


Eyebrows                        HAIR BY HAIR                                      £325

                                          COLOUR MIST.                                     £325

Eyelash definer            UPPER ONLY.                                        £235

                                         UPPER AND LOWER LID.                  £275

Fine eyeliner                UPPER ONLY.                                        £275

                                        UPPER AND LOWER                           £325

Thick eyeliner                                                                   FROM £325

Lips                                CONTOUR ONLY                                    £295

                                        LIP BLUSH                                               £325

                                        FULL LIP                                                  £350

                                        3D LIP                                                       £375



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