In 2015\2016 Eve had the pleasure to work with Channel 4. We had filmed 2 short documentary series for Channel 4 On Demand about peoples tattoos and the stories behind them.  It was an amazing experience and we feel privileged to have taken part in this project. We hope you will enjoy watching  the series as much as we enjoyed making it. special thanks to Joanna and Phil  who worked patiently with us, special thanks to Gillian Moseley and her MediaLab team who made this visible to the public.  Thank you for choosing us for your series. 

Eve showcased her art of tattoos on a popular program Bodyshockers, she made an appearance tattooing in our studio on her client Sarah. Click the link below to watch it. We filmed season 3 episode 6. We had an awesome time recording for the series and being a part of it. 

Click on Eves photo to find out more  about her