HI!!!! I'm Eve and this is my private tattoo studio operating since November 2011.

Languages spoken : English/Polish fluent in both languages. 

Piercings are not currently available.

My studio is different to most tattoo studios. It belongs to still a rare breed of private tattoo studios.Private studio means your tattoo session is private too. We take on students each year, as Eve is a certified teacher. 

 We are artists not just tattooists, we create and produce art on skin, which becomes a canvas for something awesome. 

We focus on customized tattoo and commission work. We take on variety of styles including cartoon/comic, bespoke art, portrait work, traditional, oriental, realism, cover ups, re - color etc. Working just from an idea gives us satisfaction and keeps work very interesting!!! The more elaborate the idea the better.We have plenty of art and art books to look at in the studio to help inspire your imagination! Plus we have some good ideas too :) 

Studio isn't typical or led by common trends. We create original artistic images and make it tattooable, you get a unique piece of work and care over your tattoo. 

We use only highest standard pigments and equipment. We try and find Vegan products whenever and however we can. It is important to me that what we use isn't tested on animals. 

Hi! And welcome to the new reality. We have changed some rules on how we work. We offer completely private tattoo sessions. We have two separate rooms one dedicated just for piercing and one just for tattooing. There is only 1 artist  working within the salon which minimises risks of infection significantly.  We offer a set up with full PPE. There is some rules regarding moving around the studio, you will be shown our guidelines on your arrival. We work on appointment only basis for  tattoos.

Feel free to browse our store with original products we create.

Watch us on Channel 4 Official website, just click the links below.  


-inksane projects require £40 deposit to pre book

- my minimum charge is £50

- consultations are free of charge 

- Day session £450 ( between 12pm and 6pm ) 

- half day session is £350  

- hourly rate is £90 if you prefer shorter sessions

- I provide appropriate  aftercare and advice in regards to your tattoo

- I provide environment which is clean and safe  

- and I deliver plenty of good chats, laughs, giggles and good atmosphere 

You can get tattooed only if you are 18 and over we will ask for proof of ID if we suspect you are under age!!!!!!

I approach my  work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual self. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience. 



10A Ruislip Road, 




 | 02085755991