Launched in 2011


Who's the ARTIST?

HI!!!! I'm Eve, welcome to our Dog and People friendly ink sanctuary where magic really happens and everyone is welcome...

Our space offers off Highstreet secure building, with great facilities, rustic look, art studio, community of  working artists and creatives, private tattoo studio where you can feel relaxed and safe and small gallery of different types of art from modern to surrealism.

We are also Dog friendly!!!!! We allow dogs in our waiting area, as treatment room is completely separate from the waiting area. Dogs aren't allowed inside the treatment room, but if u want to bring your friend along with your dog , they can wait for you in our waiting area.  

Yes, that is right we turn your thoughts and ideas in to a living, breathing tattoo, just like magic... Studio was opened in 2011 and was a success from the start. We did some tv programs for channel 4 in 2016 and ITV in 2017 and the journey continued. 

From Eve - My speciality is watercolour, geometry and  fineline tattoos but I take on verity of other styles, using all the techniques and experience I have  learned over the 15 plus years of working in this industry. It is important to me to communicate with my client and collaborate ideas so we can create a true to you , unique tattoo art.

A unique tattoo is a unique tattoo, there is no other like it , it is unique to you.

And that's exactly what I create. So ... If you have an idea, a creative thought, I'm here to help you bring it to life, create a visual symbol of your imagination, no matter how big or small, it matters what it represents to you.

Languages spoken : English/Polish

In business since 2011

Our motto - Equality

Equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. It is also the belief that no one should have poorer life chances because of the way they were born in to, where they come from, what they believe, or whether they have a disability. I feel that tattoos are for everyone ( over 18 of course). Over many years of my career I have met many wonderful people who told me stories about being treated differently , because of how they look, what size they are, or even what beliefs they have, and that because of those experiences they felt uncomfortable even thinking about getting a tattoo, not because of possible physical pain , but because they believe they are not meeting some standards that the society have created and will be judged.

Nobody should be treated differently!!

If this is you, I would like you to take a look at ''meet our wonderful clients'' section and listen to their stories. Regular people with regular tattoos, all different, all unique, all beautiful and all with a story.

Because this studio is all about people and their stories told in tattoo artwork.

My doors are always open to you if you need a boost of positive energy.

All photos of people on this website are photos of my clients, people I interact with every day, regular , awesome, amazing people.

We offer completely private tattoo sessions.  We offer a set up with full PPE. There is some rules regarding moving around the studio, you will be shown our guidelines on your arrival.

We work on appointment only basis for tattoos! 

Studio is not typical or led by common trends. We create original artistic images and make it tattooable, you get a unique piece of work and care over your tattoo.

We use only highest standard pigments and equipment which is licensed. We try and find Vegan products whenever and however we can. It is important to me that what we use is not tested on animals.


MONDAY - TUESDAY - 12pm - 6pm

WEDNESDAY - closed

THURSDAY - SATURDAY - 12pm - 6pm

SUNDAY - closed

I am happy to book out of hours or Sunday appointment at extra charge. My prices are determined on complexity of the design, colours used, placement on the body and size of the tattoo, each design is different. 


Please email all enquiries to the address below.

 9, 11 Standard Rd, 
London  NW10 6EX




 Monday - Tuesday - 12PM - 6PM       
 Wednesday - Closed  
 Thursday -  Saturday - 12PM - 6PM 
 Sunday - Closed