you can build your own story too

"                                                                  "boys will be boys"

Life is about having as much fun as you possibly can, and tattoos are one of those fun things in life!!!        Be happy, be free, be yourself just like our clients!!!!

Come and meet our wonderful clients and check out their arts on their bodies.


I loves tattoos, I loves dogs, and I'm a girl who's been through tough times. I am a professional Chef who suffers with very complex mental health issues. Despite the struggles of my daily life I push through and going forward, my tattoos represent my journey and love for my family. Tattoos and dogs help me deal with my illness in a most wonderful way.
If you have mental health issues you can contact NHS 111 line they can help.


My name is Jason, I’m 42 years old and I work at a primary school as a Site Manager and privately 1950's dance teacher. From a young age I had an interest in art and tattoos, so at the age of 16 (without my parent consent) decided I wanted a tattoo. My parents were not happy I was grounded for a year!! From here, I was hooked and have been adding to my collection for the past 26 years. I love being able to express and appreciate myself through all the designs that I have.  Eve has been brilliant and so well accommodating with my long list of demands of designs.
There is nothing more exciting than planning a new tatt and see it grow!!


My name is Lisa I am 34 and all my tattoos describe who I am as a person on the inside. I'm a hard working mum of a wonderful autistic boy, and I wouldn't change it for the world. We can not predict anything in life we can only hope for the best, but you can get a tattoo to represent the positive side of you, and all the good things, your strength and your inner beauty.


I'm a happy , cheeky Chappy , British born Chinese form relatively  conservative  family but my interests are quite the opposite. I've always wanted a tattoo but couldn't settle on a design, until a few years ago after a surgical procedure which resulted in an unexpectedly large scar on my forearm. Instead of covering it I wanted to incorporate it as            a part of a tattoo with torn skin effect and biomechanics part showing under the torn skin. That's when Eve worked her magic and I now have tattoo I have dreamed of with scar as a part of the biomech.